Seven years of blogging

Seven years ago I wrote my first blog post – you can see it here – it was all about the ways in which my front garden brings pleasure to passers by as well as me. When we first moved here nearly twelve years ago, the front garden was just a car park. Today it is full of flowers and bees and brings us joy. Today was another of those days when I couldn’t help reflecting on the difference this makes. Here’s what it looked like in the early days when I had just started digging holes in the paving and planting stuff.

And here’s what was happening today.

Full of herbs and flowers: roses, rosemary, sage, oregano, aquilegia, osteospermum, with forget-me-nots, aquilegia and foxgloves popping up everywhere. It’s also buzzing with bees, this one guzzling on a chive flower.

And this one soaking up the pollen in a wild rose.

There are cherries on the cherry tree.

I doubt we’ll get to eat many as the blackbirds will get there first but I don’t mind, their song is so lovely.

I took some of this loveliness when I went to visit my mother so that she could share in it. There may have been a few green fly but she was delighted to have some home grown flowers in her little flat.

Here we are seven years on from the first blog and nearly twelve years since we moved to this garden. It’s been another of those days when I’m grateful for all these wonders, which is really what this blog is all about.

10 thoughts on “Seven years of blogging

  1. Congratulations on your journey and for transforming the baron car park into a beautiful garden that nurtures the mind, body and soul. Thank you for sharing with all.

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