Halfway through 30 Days Wild

I’m a bit behind with blogging this week but I thought I’d catch up by celebrating the wonder of June and the tiny joys of #30DaysWild. This campaign encourages people to get outside and enjoy the wildness around them. For some, that means getting out into the countryside or down to the beach and exploring the wildness. For me it is nearly always urban and this year, like last year, it has been largely confined to wildness in my garden and the streets round about. But there is no shortage of wild joys to be found even in quite a small area. There are many months in the year which count as my favourites but June has special qualities, mainly the long light nights but also the sudden bursting into growth in the flower and vegetable gardens and the arrival of lots of bees and frogs. This year the roses have been fantastic.

Pictured here the magnificent ‘Boule de Neige’ and ‘Gertrude Jekyll’. This year I’ve added one more – this lovely yellow ‘Maigold’. This was a very late birthday present from my Mum – late because my birthday happened in deep lockdown so I promised her we would go and get something for the garden together once we could. So a wee trip to a garden centre last week brought this lovely yellow thing into my garden. It’s supposed to be a climber so I’m hoping that one day it will help to cover a bare fence.

But roses are not really wild, apart from the wild roses, so they have appeared only sporadically in my search for wild things as part of 30 days wild, usually with a bee attached.

The Gertrude Jekylls sneaked in because they have gorgeous foxgloves growing up between them.

Other wild things appearing on my search have included the Welsh poppies which have appeared in stunning shades of yellow and orange all over the garden attracting bees and bringing me joy.

So, yes, bees have appeared a lot this year, all over the garden in the wild roses, the poppies, the foxgloves, raspberries, broad beans, cotoneaster and sage flowers.

And my frogs are back! These frogs spend the winter and spring somewhere else and come back in the summer to sit around in the pond as if it was a hot tub, peeking their noses out above the water and sunning themselves on lily pads. I’ve only seen up to two at a time so far but I’m hoping there will be a few more before the summer’s out.

The biggest excitement for 30 days wild have been the foxes in the garden. We do see these occasionally in the winter but not often at this time of year. There have been at least three different foxes, including a young one, barely bigger than our cat, Bella. In fact it was Bella who alerted us to their presence. She has been very wary of the garden recently, staying as close to the house as possible, sniffing the air and ready to run. She knows the fox is there before we do. I haven’t managed to get a photo yet but it is lovely to see them.

Meanwhile the vegetables are all taking off at last – with lots of lettuce, herbs, the first onion and even a couple of radishes! We’re only half way through June but everything’s looking rather lovely.

7 thoughts on “Halfway through 30 Days Wild

  1. Are your roses perfumed? They do look lovely, in any case, and it’s fantastic to see that the bees are attracted to them. I’m not sure the bees are attracted to mine.

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