A wild month

And so we come to the end of June and the end of the #30DaysWild Challenge. Some people set out to do something wild every day, taking them on all sorts of adventures. My wildness has been rather urban and rather garden based. I just look for something wild every day. Here’s a summary of what I’ve seen in June.

That wasn’t everything but there were a lot of bees, a lot of wildflowers and quite a lot of the cygnets and herons on Inverleith Pond. I’ve been watching these swan fluffballs since they were tiny. They’re quite big now and getting a bit ragged looking but one day I spotted them sleeping. The frogs have been shy this year but I did spot one or two.

The most exciting thing was probably the buzzard high in the sky above my garden. I’ve also seen the foxes in the garden a few evenings but haven’t managed to catch a photo. I did manage to capture these watercolour skies one evening:

This amazing rainbow appeared above the whole of Edinburgh a couple of nights ago, mirrored by a blazing sunset in the other direction.

Once again I haven’t managed to do anything wild beyond my immediate neighbourhood but even in the smallest places there is something wild to see if you stop for a moment and look at your feet or up in the sky. #30DaysWild only lasts during June but I’ll keep on looking out for tiny gems of wildness all year round.

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