Welcome harvest

I’ve been away for a little while, catching up with family, swimming in lakes and stretching my legs rather more than I intended. It was nice to get away from some of the everyday stresses but it was also nice to get home to see what was happening in the garden. Here are some of the joys I came back to: peas – green and purple, broad beans, raspberries and a few strawberries, lettuce and the last of the redcurrants.

Quite a feast. The red currants have been a bit of a disappointment this year as the best of them got ravaged by pigeons. I’ll remember next year to put up some netting sooner.

There is lots of promise for the rest of the summer: runner beans flowering – two varieties here I think because one is self-seeded from last year. They’re sharing the space with some self-seeded borage and you may be able to see the rainbow chard in the background.

The tomatoes are also beginning to form so let’s hope for some red ones this year. As well as all these vegetables, the garden was full of flowers and weeds, all enjoying this warm weather. Roses still blooming well, lilies coming into flower, the first of this year’s raspberry ripple sweet peas, growing up beside the runner beans, cornflowers, nasturtiums and lots of clover.

Finally, Bella was delighted to have us back. She’s a bit scared of the garden just now because of the visiting foxes so she was pleased to be able to savour the sunshine knowing that her people were around to protect her if necessary.

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