Weighed down with apples

The apple trees in the garden are collapsing with the weight of fruit – it looks like it’s going to be a good apple year. Well most years are but this one looks exceptional. The Howgate Wonder is looking particularly impressive. I had to prop it up with some sticks and remove a few apples to prevent the whole thing collapsing.

The Red Falstaff is also looking quite prolific though not very red yet.

And the Sunsets are having a good year too.

The plums are coming along rather nicely, though not so overladen as the apple trees.

I harvested some of the Howgate Wonders early to help the overloaded tree. These magnificent apples can be eaten as eating apples when they are ripe but at the moment they also make great cookers.

If life gives you apples, make apple pie. So I did.

It’s just as well I’ve got my young people around at the moment to feed. They helped consume a Christmas pudding for a family celebration a couple of nights ago – made back in December and kept for ‘when we get the chance to get together again’. This was that chance.

They’ll also help with apple pie and take away spare apples to work their own culinary magic. Counting our blessings.

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