Every one a winner

I’ve fallen a wee bit behind with the blog but here is an update from last week’s allotment show. It was a joy to take part after last year’s was cancelled. It threatened to rain but in the end the sun shone. I arrived in good time in the morning to rush round the plot and harvest my vegetables, piling them up outside the shed so that I could choose and polish any prospective winners.

Here was my initial harvest: raspberries, apples, ruby chard, courgettes, potatoes, sweet peas and a huge bucket of runner beans. You can also see my bike wheel in the background. Then the work began of selecting the best examples, trying to find matching beans and courgettes and polishing everything up so it had its best chance of success. The picture at the top is a spoiler: the sweet peas won second prize again this year. I was rather pleased as they have been great and smell wonderful. I was also delighted that the runner beans won a prize.

They weren’t particularly impressive laid out in show fashion on a paper plate but they have been magnificent in the ground and very very productive this year:

The potatoes also won 1st prize but I take no credit for these as all the work of planting was done by my allotment partner. My role was to choose a few to show and polish them up a little with the water from the water butt:

Lots of other things didn’t win – but I came home with a great pile of veg to keep us going in the mean time and some flowers – the prize winning sweet peas, a big bunch of nasturtiums which I had stuck in a vase on the off chance that they might win the ‘annual flowers prize’, and some sneaky kale flowers, because why not?

We’re still drowning in runner beans and some of them have got a little bit overgrown and tough. I dissected a few on the way to be cooked and discovered these glorious seeds:

I’ve left them to dry and then that will be next year’s crop all ready to be planted in time for the next show in 2022.

Hoping that some of the other things that have been keeping me from the garden, the allotment and the blog will abate a bit now and I can start to enjoy the seasons of mist and mellow fruitfulness to come…

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