Apples and raspberries

It’s October which means apple season. The apples are in full flow – pictured here a couple of giant Howgate Wonders, with a sensibly sized Sunset for scale

October is also birthday season at Reclaiming Paradise which means the apples are put to good use in a variety of cakes. My mother’s is the first birthday of the month, so I used these monsters to make a chocolate apple cake – recipe here . Since she was 85, candles seemed excessive, but I wanted to decorate it with something special. This handful of raspberries, fresh from the garden, seemed the best thing – served with the posh teacups and side plates for a small family gathering:

It went down rather well.

Meanwhile we had another couple of Sunsets straight off the tree at lunchtime in the garden today:

And we watched the first of the autumn geese flying overhead.

Autumn has arrived.

8 thoughts on “Apples and raspberries

  1. How beautiful! I’m excited to have lots of apple pie, applesauce, and apple butter. Do you have any big plans for yours? 🙂

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