Autumn flowers and fruits

What with being away last weekend and a very busy time at work just now, along with the usual family stuff, I’m falling behind a lot in the garden and allotment. Still, I got out for a wee while on Saturday morning to do a bit of tidying up and snap some pictures for Six on Saturday (but not enough time to actual do a SoS post). I was struck by all the flowers still in bloom and so collected up a bunch of miscellaneous beauties to stick in a vase and take over on my weekly visit to my Mum.

I’m definitely not a flower arranger but I chose these because of the blue and purple theme: sweet peas still doing very well and sweetly scented, borage, a gorgeous dark purple salvia, some purple verbena, the monster white cosmos and some self seeded phacelia. I took them over to my Mum’s adding some pink Benjamin Britten roses.

She was delighted and the scent from the sweet peas should fill her little flat for a few days a least. The fruit and veg in the garden are still doing well too, with this little harvest on Saturday: still loads of apples, a few runner beans, cucumbers, a single tiny courgette, a chilli and a handful of autumn raspberries.

The apples there are mostly the Howgate Wonders but the Red Falstaffs are now reddening up rather beautifully:

The chillies have been doing well still out in the seed palace:

Probably the most exciting thing for me was a tiny acorn, growing on my twenty year old oak tree:

It produced a couple of tiny acorns last year but this really looks like the real thing.

5 thoughts on “Autumn flowers and fruits

    1. They do and now I’ll have to plant that one and start the next generation. I’ll just have the small matter of finding a home for it to deal with. One oak tree in the garden was probably a bit ambitious- but 2 🌳🌳🌳🌳

      1. Mrs Tootlepedal grew half a dozen oaks from acorns and as planted them in the wild with a neighbour who grew some of her own but as time goes by they have found it hard to pin down exactly where they planted them when it comes to checking on how they are doing (or not).

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