Halloween in the garden

Halloween comes round again and the clocks go back and the dark returns, with little glimmers of light to get us through the winter. Here’s a cheery little squash, and it is very little, with a tiny birthday candle to bring us light.

Just to see how tiny this is, here is it is beside some of my apples.

Oh it’s not that small you say. Well how about compared to this one:

A monster Howgate Wonder of course. Here are all three together, alongside a sensibly sized Sunset apple

Left to Right – Monster Howgate Wonder, average sized Sunset, teeny tiny squash and very teeny Red Falstaff apple.

I couldn’t resist carving the tiny squash. We’ve had lots of attempts at Halloween carvings over the years, celebrating birthday season in this house. The squash came from the allotment, the smallest of the crop and was really too small to cook in any way, but it’s enjoying a little outing on social media and cheering our dark house on this miserable wet day. Meanwhile the apples have travelled far and wide on visits to my birthday sons and have have been made into all sorts of cakes. Here are some stewing happily for the next cake.

Meanwhile the garden is full of yet more apples and autumn colours

Now we just have to endure the dark nights of November and look forward to turning back towards the light.

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