Pedalling for a greener future

Today was not a gardening day but it was a day to be out on my bike with several hundred cyclists on the Edinburgh route to the demonstration in Glasgow for COP26. We knew we would not make it the whole way to Glasgow as we had other family commitments in Edinburgh. I was pleased to have a family group of three bikes at the start in Edinburgh’s Meadows

We cycled through the Edinburgh streets and along the main roads out of the city with about 300 other cyclists and felt we were doing our tiny bit to argue for better cycling routes, safer streets and a reduction in reliance on fossil fuels. To get a sense of what that was like, and a clip of us somewhere in the middle, see this tweet video of hundreds of cyclists along the main road out of Edinburgh

We stopped after about ten miles for a refuel of chocolate and coffee and waved our goodbyes to those that were continuing to Glasgow. Although we had arrived on main roads, we knew we should look for a more cycle friendly return route, mainly along the Union Canal. It started to rain a bit but we had great views of autumn leaves falling on the canal, canoes, swans, ducks and some soul restoring trees. It wasn’t possible to take many photos but here are a few.

Then we went a little off piste, trying to find a good route across country to my brother’s house. We crossed a tram line, went up a muddy track, came back down the muddy track, got utterly soaked in a rainstorm and found our way round the various obstacles eventually to arrive in time for a small birthday celebration and much needed tea and cake. Then a short visit to my Mum for our weekly scrabble tournament. We watched more autumn leaves falling and squirrels doing their squirrelly things and we ate a couple of garden apples.

I try not to rant on here but this blog is all about trying to be sustainable in my own little way, gardening without cars or chemicals, growing my own food, recycling and reusing old stuff, taking pleasure in the small things in life. So no gardening today but a good day out on my bike and a tiny contribution to trying to make the world a better place.

5 thoughts on “Pedalling for a greener future

  1. Good work. It is depressing to see how much the people with the power to make decisions keeping hoping that we can get change while not actually changing anything. The newspapers are full both of concern about the COP meeting and adverts for foreign travel and buying stuff. Any serious government would have abandoned all new road building and spent the money on good cycle and walking provision with added electric public transport.

    1. We didn’t measure (no fancy apps) but something over 20 miles in total – about 10 there by direct route along main road and a bit longer coming back by cycle paths, detours, getting lost and visiting family!

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