When autumn leaves start to fall

It has taken me a wee while to write this post but it is with great sadness that I am writing in memory of our beautiful Chelsea, who arrived in our lives in November 2014, as the autumn leaves were falling. We found her in a cat rescue and fell in love with her astonishing colouring and her friendly nature. To begin with she lived with my mother, providing companionship as my mother adapted to living on her own after my father died. Chelsea was always an outdoor cat, never happier than chasing leaves and exploring my mother’s increasingly neglected garden.

She brought joy and comfort to my mother’s life. She also roamed the neighbourhood and charmed all the neigbours. There was no shortage of cat sitters when Mum was in hospital for a while. Four years later, the house and garden became too much and Mum moved to a smaller flat, nearer to family and Chelsea came to live us. She loved all the joys of our garden:

Always seeking out the sun, chasing the leaves, or her own magnificent tail, or defying my cat deterrents to sit on the strawberry patch. She charmed our neighbours too.

There was one big problem though, she and our resident Bella were sworn enemies and had to be kept apart at all times:

We became expert cat wranglers and they became expert at social distancing. Despite these challenges, Chelsea enhanced our lives and kept us company for two years and into the early months of the 2020 lockdown. In the autumn of that year, my son and his partner, now with their own flat and garden, provided a solution to the cat wrangling. Chelsea moved to live with them and their music, providing company during their lockdown isolation, exploring a new garden and joining them on their daily permitted walks.

When they moved again, they sought out a place where a cat could be accommodated and Chelsea found a new garden, new neighbours and new things to explore. She was happy.

Chelsea was a people cat, she provided company to my ageing mother, to us in our middle aged empty nest and to young people setting up their first home together. She brought joy to the world. Sadly that was not to last. She was run down by a car. We are all distraught. But we have very happy memories and no regrets. She could not be contained. She was an outdoor cat and had to be free to roam, whatever the dangers that might bring. We will remember her, especially when autumn leaves start to fall.

5 thoughts on “When autumn leaves start to fall

  1. Oh poor Chelsea. Such sad news for you all but you’re right to focus on the joy she brought into all your lives. We never forget our dear furry companions ! Sending you lots of love E xx

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