Mostly moss

I’ve been doing some autumnal hacking stuff back in the garden and I can conclude that the main crop at the moment is moss. In the picture above you can see how it has almost completely covered our ancient stone cat, leaving it looking rather fluffy but not very stony. Meanwhile there is moss all round the pond and quite a lot in the pond as well.

The pond has basically become a bog and I’m wondering if I might be able to grow my own peat bog there, doing my little bit for global warming. Maybe it will become a site of special scientific interest one day. Meanwhile, I’ve tried to haul out some of the overgrown pond plants so that I can at least see some water, even if there is only bog below it. I tried not to disturb the bottom of the pond too much as I know the newts lurk there over the winter. I did hear a frog plop into the pond at one point so they are still around too.

There is also rather beautiful moss on the fairy mounds:

It’s all rather beautiful. Today felt like the first day of winter, it wasn’t the first frost but the weather has turned cold and forecast to stay cold for the next few weeks. I had some time to wander round the garden and cut back a lot of grass and overgrown stuff to reveal all this beauty. November is always a difficult month – too dark, too busy, not festive yet. Getting down on my hands and knees allowed me to enjoy these tiny mossy beauties. Spending time in the garden allowed me to look at what is growing and what has finished for the season and what is lurking underneath ready to burst forth in the spring.

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