Six from a frosty allotment

I nipped along to the allotment today to see if Storm Arwen had done any damage (it hadn’t). So here are #SixOnSaturday from the allotment.

  1. This year’s very impressive runner beans were still standing, if looking a little the worse for wear, so I cut down all the bean tendrils for the compost bin:

The sweet peas are still hanging on in there, so I left the wigwam up to provide them with a bit of support. Didn’t manage to get an in focus photo though (I blame my frozen fingers). I found a desiccated bean and brought it home so that we can use the beans for next year’s crop:

2. Some of the amazing ‘Cocarde’ lettuces are still doing fine despite the cold:

3. As are the rainbow chards:

4. The Brussels sprouts are looking very promising:

5. We’ve had a few already but keeping the best ones for their Christmas duties. I harvested a couple of our leeks:

6. The most exciting thing though was on the way to the allotment. I spotted thirty-five curlews in the playing fields of the police headquarters.

The photo at the top of the blog is a curlew against the almost setting sun. This one was slightly earlier in the day – it is walking in a straight line but the police vans are clearly all at an angle. Sorry.

These lovely birds seem to use this space only in the winter. According to the RSPB website they are either summer or winter birds in Edinburgh – there seems to be a blue (winter) and a yellow (summer) bit on the Edinburgh bit of their map. Anyway, from my unscientific observations, they come to the police headquarters and the nearby school playing fields in the winter and I love them. We went to visit them on Christmas Day last year when everything was too cold and too miserable to do anything else. It’s good to see them back.

11 thoughts on “Six from a frosty allotment

  1. What a treat to see a curlew, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one. Lovely to still have veggies to pick. We had our sprouts yesterday, always a treat to have your own.

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