Moments of light: multiple gardening and wildlife advent calendars

This year I set myself the challenge of two advent calendars: the hand drawn one, which is jollying along nicely, and finding something wild and wonderful in my surroundings every day. Here are some highlights: sprouts, red tinged lettuce, seedlings, peas, rhubarb, ladybird

runner beans, snowdrops, strawberry and roses.

On the wild and wonderful theme, we’ve had: trees in daylight and lit up at night at the Botanic Gardens, a heron by the river, wintersweet coming into bloom, a beautiful slug shown to me by my neighbour’s grandson and finally getting the Christmas cake baked.

I have also been joining in another twitter #GardenAdventCalendar run by which has brought some joyful moments. So that’s been three things to try and remember to tweet about every day. Some days it’s been a bit of a struggle, with so much literal and metaphorical darkness but it helps to find moments of joy in the garden and round about. Now we have to hold on to get past the shortest day, through the festive season and into a new year. These little joys will help.

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