Sixty at Sixty

In 2022 I will reach the fine old age of sixty, one of those milestones in life that you imagine will never happen, but there you go. I hated reaching fifty but these last ten years have taught me many things, including that life will throw things at you in ways that you don’t expect. So Sixty is to be celebrated. I plan various ways of doing that (see end of post for details) but one is to see if I can harvest sixty different edible plants from the garden and allotment this year.

Fruit and vegetable harvest July 2019

It sounds like a lot but I managed to find twenty-six fruit and vegetables in my garden in April 2020 – see here for details. Jumping from twenty-six to sixty is a bit of a leap but there are a few things I’ll do differently. The twenty-six challenge was for things actually growing in the garden on that April day. This time I’ve got the whole year and I will include the things we grow at the allotment, as well as herbs and edible weeds and flowers, which should extend things a bit. I’ll also count different varieties separately (as I did with the apples last time) so that means I should have several different peas and tomatoes for example. One more challenging thing will be that I will only count things that I actually harvest – so any total disasters won’t count!

Speaking of which, we are still battling creatures (birds or mice) at the allotment which are pulling up our overwintering onions. I put down some cardboard today to try and deter these little pests – hopefully some onions will survive to make it into my sixty harvest challenge.

However, kicking us off for the year, are some leeks and broccoli from the allotment which are doing well so far

Along with the lettuce and chard from the 2nd of January, that’s four down, fifty-six to go!

If you want to know about my other challenge, I’m also planning to do a lot of swimming – and blog about it here. With my swimming challenge I’m raising money for Alzheimer Scotland Action on Dementia. If you want to support me for that or for my sixty vegetables, you can do so here. Or you can just enjoy the vegetables! I’ve created a page where I’ll record them all.

11 thoughts on “Sixty at Sixty

  1. Sixty different crops would be quite an achievement. I hope that the weather and pests allow you to hit your target.
    I have always quite looked forward to getting older as the alternative is not very attractive. Now I am reaching the stage when my mind turns to contemplating that alternative a bit more frequently than I would really like. Enjoy your salad days.

  2. This is such a cheerful thought for January, so thank you. I hope you don’t think it’s cheating, but you get two crops (two!) off fruit bushes – the fruit, and tea, from the dried leaves. Blackcurrant leaves make a delicious brew, that tastes – bizarrely – like apricots.

  3. Definitely a milestone, and one worth celebrating! 60 varieties sound massive, but I’ve never counted so I’ll be interested to hear how you get on. And congratulations on your big year – enjoy it! I’m on the other side of that and still enjoying it all.

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