Six on Saturday: snowdrops

I went outside to do my photos for #SixonSaturday and there are a few things appearing in the garden now – some on time and some far far too early. However, the main thing that is happening in the garden is snowdrops. I’m afraid I don’t know what variety they all are as they have all been transplanted from other gardens: my old house, my Mum’s old house or my late aunt’s house. I move them around a bit when they get too crowded and some just appear randomly, where they want to grow.

  1. A little clump just at the back door, often the first to flower

2. Growing in the rhubarb bed, beside a mossy log – I may move these as they’ll get taken over by the rhubarb soon

3. In the middle of a rather weedy border, about to be overtaken by rampant campanula

4. Fighting with the grass and random wild strawberries, under the oak tree. Only just coming into bud just now.

5. In the front garden, underneath the cherry tree

6. And finally, this, I think, single snowdrop which must have self-seeded under the roses, choked at the moment by craws’ taes – I may need to give it a bit of help

That’s just a tiny fraction of my snowdrops but they all bring me great joy at this time of year.

Meanwhile our household has finally caught covid, having tried to be very careful for the last couple of years, mainly because of our elderly parents and our general duty to society – don’t talk to me about parties – rather than our own immediate health risk. Anyway, we’re both fully vaccinated and seem to be reasonably fine just now but we’re cut off from the world for a week or so. That may mean that the garden gets a little more attention or possibly I’ll just get on with my seed order and dream about the summer.

9 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: snowdrops

  1. Hope you’re both entirely well soon . . . and in the meantime, thank you for the snowdrops–we have had a foot and a half of snow on the ground here for a fortnight now!

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