Tiny signs of spring

It’s been a rather damp and miserable weekend but I nipped into the garden on Saturday morning to see what was happening for #SixonSaturday – took some photos but didn’t get round to blogging until now. Anyway here’s a sign of spring, a single iris reticulata blooming away all by itself in the bed behind the raspberries.

The snowdrops are looking rather lovely all round the garden.

The hammamelis is still doing rather well with its spidery yellow flowers

The crocuses are coming up very slowly but these two bright yellow lovelies are flowering in a pot

The winter box is flowering – its tiny flowers giving off a powerful scent

The buds on this mahonia are just beginning to open, shown off rather well by the bronze leaves

Those were my six on Saturday morning – earlier in the week we had some frost, leaving rather lovely patterns on the few vegetables still in the garden: broccoli, sprouts and chard

Today it has poured with rain all day and is forecast to continue for the rest of the week. I’ll probably stay inside and continue with my dreams of summer.

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