There may be pears

Yes, pears, not bears. The baby pear tree which has done nothing very much for the last three and a half years, has blossom.

I’m very excited but also a little worried. This little tree has chosen to have it’s blossom debut in the middle of a cold snap, just after a mini heatwave. I covered it with some ‘may come in handy some time’ plastic from the shed during the very cold nights last week and it seems to have survived

Just as well. We had ice on the pond on a couple of mornings. Bella likes to check it out on her morning tours of the garden.

Meanwhile, the sunshine during the day has been sending the temperature souring in the seedhouse. I’m not sure that my little seeds are enjoying this rollercoaster of hot and cold. Most of them are doing ok so far.

These are various salad things but we had a garden salad today, made up of lettuce, rocket and a whole lot of different bits of herbs: lovage, three kinds of chives, mint, tarragon, a tiny bit of watercress and some rocket flowers.

There are lots of flowers appearing in the garden – here are the pears again, plum blossom, snakeshead fritillaries, lots of wallfower and a tiny self-seeded violet.

The garden is slowly coming to life.

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