Blossom Season

For #SixonSaturday this week, here are six beautiful fruit blossom trees in my garden just now.

Bird cherry

Or at least that’s what the label said when I bought it – I’m growing it as part of my hedge rejuvenation project. Apparently it produces bitter fruits – for the birds. My theory is that the birds eat this one and not the edible cherry in the front garden but that is probably wishful thinking.


I know, I’ve blogged about this before but I am very excited by this tree producing its first ever flowers and, I hope, its first ever fruit.

Edible cherry

The cherry in the front garden has been flowering and fruiting for several years. The blackbirds usually get to the fruits before I do, but I’m always hopeful.

Apple – sunset

This little tree hasn’t got a lot of blossom this year so maybe it’s having a little rest. Still it is rather beautiful.

Apple – Red Falstaff

Again, not very much blossom yet but it is a lovely pink colour.

Apple – Howgate Wonder

This one’s not quite yet flowering, but, as you know, this is my number one favourite apple tree. It’s got lots of blossommy promise so I’m hoping for another bumper year.

Everyone loves blossom but a lot of it comes from the non-fruiting Japanese cherry trees. They are beautiful but these little joys in my garden will all produce fruit – either for me or the birds. And that’s a wonderful thing.

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