Tomato heaven

I’ve been away from my garden for a week or so, visiting friends in London and France and doing some work stuff. It was lovely to catch up with some very good friends who I hadn’t seen for a while, what with lockdowns and such. I also caught up with some good weather, a wee bit of swimming (see my swimming blog) and some fantastic tomatoes. The ones in the picture above were on sale at a train station in Provence, making up for my delayed train in a way that British stations really can’t compete with. I couldn’t resist and bought a punnet which I lived on for the next couple of days while travelling about. They tasted as good as they look. Meanwhile I also visited my friends’ garden in Provence, also laden with tomatoes, chillies, aubergines, figs and olives.

The tomatoes were amazing, raw and cooked in fabulous dishes. I wasn’t jealous at all ;). I had a few days in Paris where I ate my way through the station tomatoes and enjoyed a couple of city gardens. I rather liked the sign outside this one:

I’m not sure what it meant – something like ‘look after the flowers and the birds’ – there were lots of birds – sparrows mostly – and lots of bees

I had a lovely time. It was great to catch up with friends, it was nice to do a bit of travelling – all by train. Even the work bit was rather good. The weather was amazing. But it was also nice to come home – where my peas and broad beans are all coming to life. These are the crimson flowered broad beans, which, although rather beautiful and quite tasty, have been much less productive than the traditional black and white flowered variety.

It’s also quite warm here and there’s at least one tomato forming. I don’t know whether it will be quite as amazing as those French ones, or whether it will even ripen – but I can always dream:

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