The joys of home – six on Saturday

Earlier in the week I blogged about the joys of tomatoes and my envy at my friends’ ability to grow them so easily in the south of France. Today’s #SixOnSaturday celebrates what’s growing in my Scottish garden today.

  1. Peas – these are Prussian Blue – or at least I think they are. They are from saved seed and I seem to have got the varieties mixed up a bit. Anyway, they taste great.

2. Overwintered broad beans – Aquadulce Claudia I think . They’ve been superb this year. These are the last of a massive crop.

I’ve also had a few of the crimson flowered – ‘crimson flowered’ – bean, which had lovely flowers a few weeks ago. I’ve harvested its beans now, which tasted nice but there was only a handful from several plants. I’ve cut them back in the hope that they might grow more.

3. Runner beans – slowly but surely climbing up their canes and producing lovely red flowers, which will turn into beans eventually (and some glossy Swiss chard photobombing in the background).

4. Soft fruit – redcurrants

and -eek- autumn fruiting raspberries – just starting to ripen as the summer raspberries finish

5. More promise for the autumn – apples ‘Howgate Wonder’ promising another bumper crop this year.

6. Finally, my own tomatoes are beginning to form now. They’ll be a lot later than the French ones but I am optimistic that I’ll have a few. This is a Tigeralla, about the size of a pea but already showing its lovely stripes

So, yes, it was lovely to be in the South of France last week and yes, I was jealous of the tomatoes (and the figs, olives, aubergines etc) but it’s nice to be home and to remember that all sorts of joyful things will grow even in my Edinburgh garden.

10 thoughts on “The joys of home – six on Saturday

  1. As Luther Vandross sang “love the one you’re with”, or garden that you are with. How are you getting along with the 60? What are you up to? Loving the flowers of the scarlet bean.

  2. My runners have not yet started flowering, but they should in the next week or so. Love them even if they don’t make beans in the heat. I usually get my best harvest in late summer.

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