Red and purple

I’ve just had another week away from the garden and returned to all sorts of joys.

The bees are very happy on the buddleia and the lavender in the front garden.

The rowan berries and the wild roses have beautiful red berries.

There’s not a huge amount to harvest – mainly peas, lettuces and some frighteningly early autumn raspberries. However, the French and runner beans are coming along nicely and there was a pile of windfall Howgate Wonders on the grass – don’t worry there are plenty still left on the tree.

Most excitingly, a tomato has appeared on the ‘Indigo blue berry’ tomato bush. It’s about the size of a blackcurrant and there is only one of it, but there are some more promising looking flowers. I looked it up online and the advice was to leave it until it was tinged red before harvesting.

Something exciting to look forward to.

Last week I had a wild and exciting time swimming in the Lake District – for all the updates see my swimming blog here. Next week will be tame and spent mostly in the garden. I have a week off work planned so hope to get some things done.

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