Not counting my chickens..

.. but my plan to harvest sixty different fruit, vegetables and edible plants this year is nicely on track. As I explained back in January the plan is to see if the garden and allotment can produce sixty different vegetables, fruits, herbs, or edible flowers and weeds over the course of the year. I’ve now recorded forty-five – see the running total here – with my climbing French beans the latest in the harvest record. So, I’m fairly optimistic that I’ll reach sixty by the end of the autumn harvest. However, I’m not counting my chickens too soon as all sorts of things can go wrong. Some vegetables have been very slow to get going but I’m hopeful. The cucumbers have been beset with slugs and only two plants have survived so far and now they’re growing very slowly. Still there are some hopeful looking flowers and a baby cucumber on this one.

The chillies also have some sweet little flowers and tiny fruit

The French beans have got going

And the runner beans are flowering nicely

I had a reasonably good crop of peas earlier in the summer but the dry weather has slowed them down again. A second crop is looking healthy now though so I’m hopeful of a few more, including some different varieties. These are the first Blauschocker – a beautiful purple podded pea.

A nice little crop of Carouby de Maussane is coming along well.

Tomatoes and apples are also looking good and the courgettes and marrows are finally getting going. So, one way and another, I’m hopeful of making my target of sixty once the autumn harvest gets going.

Meanwhile, we had a lovely crop of blackcurrants at the allotment. There weren’t quite enough to make jam but they made very nice blackcurrant apple muffins – based on this recipe but swapping raspberries for blackcurrants. I ate this one on a beach after dip in the sea.

For more on that story, see my swimming at sixty swimming challenge here

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