Disappointments and monsters: Six on Saturday

I don’t know how everyone else does their #SixonSaturday posts? I often struggle to find time to blog every Saturday but I do try and post six nice things on the twitter hashtag. My process is to go out into the garden and see what strikes me as interesting, beautiful or particularly photogenic. I’m often in a bit of rush and some weeks’ photos are better than others. Anyway, today I followed my usual process: wandered round the front garden, looking to see what was there, while hauling up a few weeds, deadheading some roses and chatting to my neighbour and her grandson. Lots of things were flowering, there were bees, wasps and hoverflies on lots of flowers and I put together a little collection: rose Benjamin Britten, some late flowering self-seeded calendulas, a rather early viburnum just coming into flower, the rowan berries looking fantastic, a deep pink dianthus and a hoverfly, hovering on the amazing garlic chive flowers.

I then went into the back garden and found another cheeky six fruit and veg that were either late, early, monstrous or disappointing – the six for today’s post.

  1. Two very late broad bean pods growing up between the roses – there will probably be two whole beans in this pair

2. Four plums, hiding at the back of the tree. I thought they were finished so it was nice to get these little extras today

3. A fallen tomato – I forgot to photograph it separately but here it is amongst its friends which have been ripening nicely in the kitchen.

4. The first, and very disappointing, pepper. There may be more to come if the weather holds for a bit longer.

You can see just how disappointing it is when you see it beside number 5 – see below – an extraordinarily giant chilli – secateurs for scale

5. The giant chilli ‘Hungarian hot wax’. These have been growing rather well in the seed house (along with the disappointing pepper plants) and have lots more to come.

6. Last but not least, one of the many Howgate Wonder Apples – I also forgot to photograph it separately, but here it is dominating today’s harvest photo.

So there you go – two sixes on Saturday. Lots of lovely flowers and insects and a rather random collection of fruit and veg. I’m hoping to get out in the garden and allotment over the weekend and may have further updates on how it’s all going.

6 thoughts on “Disappointments and monsters: Six on Saturday

  1. My favourite Howgate Wonder! Gosh, I seem to have been commenting on it for years. Your wander was very productive, especially the fallen tomato which may have made a nice snack for some night time wanderer.

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