Sixtyish on Saturday

In a small departure from the Six on Saturday rules, today’s post celebrates my challenge to harvest sixty different edible plants from my garden and allotment this year. Last week I hit my target, with the wondrous Howgate Wonder apples coming in at number sixty. I’ve now gone over the target and you can read all about what I’ve harvested since January here

This year the Howgate Wonders are bigger than ever. I weighed one and it was 1lb! Not all are quite that big but there have been about thirty of these lovelies on the tree. So far they’ve been used in an apple pie, a chocolate apple cake and have been chopped into breakfast cereal.

But that’s the sixty, for today’s six I’ve chosen a range of colourful fruit and veg, all in the garden this morning.

1.The humbler eating apple ‘Sunset’ – of which there about six this year. This was the first

2.Yellow rainbow chard

3. Red rainbow chard

4. Lettuce ‘wonder of four seasons’ – a lovely red tinged juicy lettuce

5. Still some flowers on the runner beans providing hope of a few more beans before the frosts hit

6. Flowers on the Blauschocker peas – again I’m hoping for a few more peas but the flowers are lovely in their own right

10 thoughts on “Sixtyish on Saturday

  1. I have never heard of Howgate apples, but they look amazing. Still plenty to look forward to in your garden!

  2. How impressive! I confess I am a little envious. Don’t think I can make 60, but I’m tempted to take the challenge and see how many varieties I can harvest next year. Can I include herbs (culinary of course)?

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