Blogging on the bus

I’ve been away for the weekend, celebrating a special  birthday with my mother. So the blog and the garden have been a little neglected. In my innocence I posted a first windfall apple on Twitter. Little did l know that I would be coming home on the bus with another ton of my mother’s windfalls. And then trying to blog about them on the bus WiFi. If this has come out a bit odd, blame the bus. But looks like I am going to be a bit busy in the kitchen when I get home. Continue reading Blogging on the bus

Goodbye broccoli

The purple sprouting broccoli has been rather good this year but I had tomatoes and courgettes queuing up for a place in the raised bed, so time for it to go. These lovely yellow flowers signalled its swan song. Pity I couldn’t leave them to bloom all summer but we vegetable gardeners are ruthless. I’ve got next year’s crop started in the bed in front and so the cycle continues. Continue reading Goodbye broccoli

More spring purples

.. and reds and yellows: Yesterday I got on with the big task of pricking out seedlings. I seem to have an awful lot of purple sprouting broccoli and rainbow chard. So that’s next year’s multicoloured spring sorted. I also sowed all my runner bean seeds in paper tubes, ready to be planted out once the cold weather really has gone: and dug my runner bean trench – see last year’s post on how to do that. This year there were no musical scores in the trench but there were some other bits of writing drafts which I’m delighted to … Continue reading More spring purples

Spring purples

You know, spring greens, except purple: This is my first cut of purple sprouting broccoli. Nice, but not enough for a meal really.   But my purple Brussels sprouts are still growing away and in the last week or so the plants have produced lots of new fresh growth.  The sprouts themselves were a bit of a disappointment this year.  Not sure why:  soil too fertile, soil not fertile enough, too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry – the usual things.  So I cut off the top growth from the plants and threw that in the pot as well.  Steam … Continue reading Spring purples

Runner Bean Trench

Today I dug my runner bean trench.  That’s when I know that the vegetable season has really taken off.  The only problem was that the raised bed still had purple sprouting broccoli and red onions growing in it.  The broccoli has been sweet and tasty but has not produced many heads. I was holding out for a few more before I cut it down but I needed the space so out it had to come.  I harvested a good armful of broccoli leaves though. They make a rather good cabbage substitute.  The onions were more difficult – they aren’t mature … Continue reading Runner Bean Trench

Broccoli and sage

I’ve been wanting to sow more seeds today but the weather forecast says that the lovely warm spell is about to end and temperatures drop to -1°C tonight.  My windowsill is overflowing with tomato plants, so there is no room inside and I don’t dare put them out in the seed house with that forecast.  So today I have had to wait and be patient, while enjoying the spring flowers and beginning to feast on the first salad leaves and, at last, the purple sprouting broccoli It has taken a long time to come – I finally won a battle … Continue reading Broccoli and sage