Just as the Scottish schools went back last week, the weather turned warm and sunny. Then Friday and Saturday were cold and wet, so an assistant gardener went camping with his friends. Today is hot and sunny.  Such is a Scottish summer: unfair, but today was a good opportunity to get the resulting wet sleeping bags and socks washed and out on the line.  But this is not a housework blog.  Any wander through the garden leads me to check on the vegetables. This combination of sun and rain is delighting the runner beans and courgettes.  Here’s what I picked on the … Continue reading Contrast

Four seasons

This was the week when we had all four seasons at once: Here is a typical scene from the maxi-min thermometer in my seed house.  How are my little seeds supposed to survive with these extremes of temperature?  I’ve got peas, broccoli, swiss chard, beans, courgettes, salad and marrows in there just now.  Most of them seem to be hanging on despite the cold drops at night but the courgettes and marrows have refused to germinate.  So I brought the whole tray in and stuck it in my heated propagator:Almost overnight these little dears appeared*.  I’m keeping them in the house … Continue reading Four seasons

Blogging inspired gardening

What happens when your courgettes don’t germinate? Obviously you sow some more. And then what happens? You end up with far too many. So today I’ve planted out the overflow of courgette plants. There’s an old saying somewhere that you should plant three of everything: one for the birds, one for the slugs and one for the table.  Maybe this will work – though I’ve also put some copper rings round a few to try and keep the slimy creatures off. It’ been a busy week – too much going to to do much blogging, or even gardening for that … Continue reading Blogging inspired gardening