Coming to life

The garden is a bit bleak at this time of year and every time I look at it I see all the things that are looking dead or overgrown or just a complete mess. It’s hard to remember what it looks like in high summer with all the vegetables in full production. It’s too early to sow any seeds but I did do this year’s seed order today. Then I went into the garden to a little bit of tidying up. It was frosty this morning and the soil was very cold even for doing a bit of light weeding. … Continue reading Coming to life

A seedy Six on Saturday

I was out in the garden checking on what’s happening for #SixOnSaturday and was struck by all the seeding going on, among the vegetables, herbs, flowers and wild things. The noble teasel, which has had seed heads for weeks or possibly months but is looking rather good just now. These self seed all round the garden and I allow one or two to grow to full height each year. It’s all a bit random where they end up. This one is growing by the fence in the front garden. 2. Foxgloves, like the teasels, these decide where they want to … Continue reading A seedy Six on Saturday

Six foxgloves, six peas and a lettuce glut

Once again I failed to do a #SixonSaturday post but I did submit these rather lovely foxgloves via twitter. These are all growing along the back hedge and the new fence at the side of the garden, some transplanted from the raspberry bed during a weeding session back in January – for more see here – they have come out rather well, I think. I had wondered about doing a six for my six varieties of peas, but didn’t quite get round to it. So here they are for you, rather late on Sunday instead: I’ve already forgotten which one … Continue reading Six foxgloves, six peas and a lettuce glut

Halfway through 30 Days Wild

I’m a bit behind with blogging this week but I thought I’d catch up by celebrating the wonder of June and the tiny joys of #30DaysWild. This campaign encourages people to get outside and enjoy the wildness around them. For some, that means getting out into the countryside or down to the beach and exploring the wildness. For me it is nearly always urban and this year, like last year, it has been largely confined to wildness in my garden and the streets round about. But there is no shortage of wild joys to be found even in quite a … Continue reading Halfway through 30 Days Wild

January flowers

Today has been mild and I have been in the garden for the first time in weeks, or possibly months. I’ve been doing some tidying up and noticing the tiny signs of spring that are appearing in dark corners. I found a hellebore flower, crocuses and irises peeking though the soil and the witchhazel’s golden blooms just appearing. We have a new fence along one side of the garden, behind the raspberries. This area used to be dominated by my neighbours’ miscellaneous shrubs and conifers but there’s a space about a foot wide which has only bare soil. I’ve been … Continue reading January flowers


The thing about a wildlife patch: .. is that it attracts wildlife. I was doing a bit of tidying up, cutting things back, trimming the fairy mounds and venturing into the dark corners behind the fruit trees that are the ‘wildlife patch’ . I was feeling quite pleased at how tidy it was beginning to look, when out popped this frog from somewhere inside a fairy mound. Time to stop and have a coffee and blog break, and leave the weeds and the flowers and the frogs in peace. Meanwhile, in a completely unwild plastic pot, a foxglove has made … Continue reading Wildlife