Ice cream in the rain

As our traditional Scottish summer continues to provide the rainy backdrop to my holidays at home from working at home, I bring you ice cream. I had cycled over to my mother’s for my weekly visit, laden with my usual supply of home baking and soft fruit from the garden. It was raining but lockdown has got me back on my bike again and it is the only sensible way for me to get to her flat these days. I’ve discovered a mostly off road or quiet road cycle route which gets me there in twenty minutes. It’s a busy … Continue reading Ice cream in the rain

Rainy Saturday

It’s been the most dreich day here in Edinburgh, with heavy rain and strong winds. Huge puddles appeared on the lawn, with the newly emerging snowdrops drowning in the rain So definitely not a gardening day but one to use up the very last of the apples. Last week I was weeding round the raspberry canes and found a little pile of windfall cooking apples from my neighbour’s tree. They seemed to have survived the winter and had not yet been eaten by local wildlife so today seemed like a good day to use them up along with the last … Continue reading Rainy Saturday

Monsoon weather

I brought the lawn mower back from the allotment last week so that we could tackle the jungle in the garden. Fortunately a small gap in this year’s monsoon enabled us to have a go at the lawn.  But the monsoon has returned, which means the lawnmower is useless and the grass just keeps growing, but I have found a solution I evicted all of these little chaps from my pea plants and set them to work on cutting the grass. Meanwhile the marrows are really enjoying all this rain: I did get a great harvest from the peas and … Continue reading Monsoon weather

Clouds, floods and a silver lining

The world of technology and other things is working against me today. The weather on the other hand has improved somewhat. To celebrate the joy of British weather, here are some photos of my flooded garden and allotment on Wednesday: followed by spectacular ice on the pond the next day: and then some sunshine, making it all  worthwhile.   Continue reading Clouds, floods and a silver lining

Swimming in the garden

I got into the garden for a little while at the weekend but not as much as I’d hoped. It was very very wet on Friday night and I could have gone for a swim in the garden: but instead I set off on my bike to the local swimming pool:   no – that’s just the cycle path but I did see a blackbird swimming in it and it was great fun to cycle through. On my return to the garden, I moved some compost between the compost bins, pruned the roses and planted out a couple of birthday … Continue reading Swimming in the garden