First frog

Today I spotted my first frog of the season, not in the pond, but deep in a compost bin. I had been doing some spring tidying: weeding, hacking things back, looking for signs of new growth. I went to deposit some woody prunings in my very long-term woody pruning compost bin – made from an old leaking water barrel. It’s been sitting there for four or five years, not doing very much but today I noticed that it had produced some quite useable compost. I emptied some out and sieved it, producing three bucketfuls of beautiful crumbly stuff. I’m not … Continue reading First frog

Monsoon weather

I brought the lawn mower back from the allotment last week so that we could tackle the jungle in the garden. Fortunately a small gap in this year’s monsoon enabled us to have a go at the lawn.  But the monsoon has returned, which means the lawnmower is useless and the grass just keeps growing, but I have found a solution I evicted all of these little chaps from my pea plants and set them to work on cutting the grass. Meanwhile the marrows are really enjoying all this rain: I did get a great harvest from the peas and … Continue reading Monsoon weather

Advent apples

Advent calendar update: Teasel seedhead, snails (and why not? – this one was enjoying a broccoli seedling), spade and soil, jam and chutney, seedlings (the ones not being eaten by the snails), Bella looking for frogs in the pond. And today’s advent window contained a lovely apple: An inspiration to make yet more apple gingerbread from the neverending supply from my mother’s garden: Recipe here Apple gingerbread * (makes one loaf sized cake. Double quantities for a square cake) 75g butter 75g sugar 75g golden syrup 1 tblsp black treacle 175g self raising flour 1 tsp mixed spice 1tsp ground … Continue reading Advent apples