Almost at the solstice

After the snow in my last post, we’ve had lots of ice, the temperature dropping as far as -7.7 one night and then whizzing back up to about 13 degrees yesterday. Today it has been a more sensible 4 degrees or so. The ice brought some fantastic scenes in the garden: All my water barrels froze solid and I had at least one casualty in the form of a teapot which lost its lid a few years ago and sits on my herb table in the front garden: It had frozen completely solid and cracked. I’ve brought it inside now … Continue reading Almost at the solstice


I usually try and capture the light on the shortest day of the year. Yesterday I wasn’t convinced there was any, there certainly wasn’t any sunshine. I lit this candle at breakfast time as the ‘sun was rising’ but the sun hid behind fog and clouds all day. Oh well, at least it’s getting lighter now in theory and the sun will no doubt emerge some time over the holiday period. Advent calendar update: we’ve had Bella, sprouts, redcurrants, tomatoes, pink peas and some festive holly I’ve fallen behind a bit with the small moments of wildness and wonder, but … Continue reading Solstice

Winter solstice – the light will come back

I write this as the light disappears from the sky on the winter solstice. In a dark week, it is good to know that the light will now return. This week’s advent calendar reflects some of what’s been happening. I forgot to take any photos on the 14th but on the 15th we got out early and caught the sunrise over Edinburgh. The photo at the top was taken at 9am. Here’s another one a few minutes earlier: On the 16th none of us got outside, including Bella who has been spooked by a fox in the garden. We’ve seen … Continue reading Winter solstice – the light will come back