Clover and craws’ taes

There are days in a Scottish summer when you can walk barefoot on the grass and the scent of clover will fill you with joy. These summer days transport me back to a childhood of windswept islands and summer wildflowers. This is why I  grow clover, bog cotton and craws’ taes in my suburban city garden. In remembrance of summers past and with thanks to the people who made them possible. Continue reading Clover and craws’ taes

Thinking of summer

So November is over and we should be moving into the ‘magic’ of December.  We’ve had some frost and some sleety snow but that winter magic hasn’t really appeared yet.  My cat is particularly unhappy. So to cheer us all up, here are some photos from the summer with him enjoying the long grass amongst the flowers. This is a ‘fairy mound’.  We made these when we dug  a pond a few years ago.  Advice on making ponds never tells you anything useful about what to do with the stuff you dig out.  So my assistant gardeners suggested making random … Continue reading Thinking of summer