Almost at the solstice

After the snow in my last post, we’ve had lots of ice, the temperature dropping as far as -7.7 one night and then whizzing back up to about 13 degrees yesterday. Today it has been a more sensible 4 degrees or so. The ice brought some fantastic scenes in the garden: All my water barrels froze solid and I had at least one casualty in the form of a teapot which lost its lid a few years ago and sits on my herb table in the front garden: It had frozen completely solid and cracked. I’ve brought it inside now … Continue reading Almost at the solstice

Advent calendar for 2022

There was a little frost in the garden this morning but the sun was shining through the oak tree, with its rather lovely coloured leaves. It’s been a funny month, with some warm days and a little bit of frost. Last weekend I picked a #SixonSaturday bunch of flowers to take to my mother to cheer her up. This little posy had lavender, mallow, osteospermum, a deep purple salvia, campanula and some pink pea flowers. I’d given up on them producing actual peas. It was good that they went in the posy as a dip below zero a day or … Continue reading Advent calendar for 2022

Moments of light: multiple gardening and wildlife advent calendars

This year I set myself the challenge of two advent calendars: the hand drawn one, which is jollying along nicely, and finding something wild and wonderful in my surroundings every day. Here are some highlights: sprouts, red tinged lettuce, seedlings, peas, rhubarb, ladybird runner beans, snowdrops, strawberry and roses. On the wild and wonderful theme, we’ve had: trees in daylight and lit up at night at the Botanic Gardens, a heron by the river, wintersweet coming into bloom, a beautiful slug shown to me by my neighbour’s grandson and finally getting the Christmas cake baked. I have also been joining … Continue reading Moments of light: multiple gardening and wildlife advent calendars

Mostly moss

I’ve been doing some autumnal hacking stuff back in the garden and I can conclude that the main crop at the moment is moss. In the picture above you can see how it has almost completely covered our ancient stone cat, leaving it looking rather fluffy but not very stony. Meanwhile there is moss all round the pond and quite a lot in the pond as well. The pond has basically become a bog and I’m wondering if I might be able to grow my own peat bog there, doing my little bit for global warming. Maybe it will become … Continue reading Mostly moss

Seeds: fantasy gardening

It’s February and the weather is foul, despite some tiny moments of spring joy in the garden, it has to be seed ordering time. I try not to be wasteful in my seed ordering and I do have quite a lot left over from last year, including my carefully saved seeds: These are, I think, wallflowers, broccoli, garlic chives and, of course, peas. Despite all of these and the various packets in my ancient seed tin, I do need to order a few more. I try and do a careful census and make a note of what I need. This … Continue reading Seeds: fantasy gardening

Dancing on Ice

It’s still very icy here so not much happening in the garden but this little crocus is another tiny sign of spring. Meanwhile Bella has been exploring the frozen pond. She’s a great lover of water and the pond provides fascination for her all year round. Yesterday she spent a lot of time just sitting on the ice. What was she thinking about? Why did she do this? I don’t know. You tell me. The photos are a little blurry because they were taken through the window – if I’d gone outside after her she would have coming running in. … Continue reading Dancing on Ice

Frosted fruit

It’s been another gloomy week but there was some frost in the early part, to cheer us up. So here are six frosty things from the garden to cheer you up for today’s SixonSaturday I couldn’t resist these strawberry leaves, covered in furry icing sugar frost, but still with the promise of summer yet to come. 2. These frozen raindrops on the rose bush set me off on a ‘raindrops and roses and whiskers on kittens..’ ear worm for the rest of the day 3. There were also frozen rain drops on this birch tree, with frosty teasels in the … Continue reading Frosted fruit

Snow and ice

Since my last snow post we’ve had more snow and ice in the garden, so there’s been no gardening happening here, just taking photos : The snow has mostly gone now but I loved watching the bird and animal tracks in the snow. The temperature fell to -7 last night which must be near a record for my garden and it was still -5 this morning when I went out to take photos. There were beautiful frost patterns on the shed window: I’ve also been feeding the birds again. I stopped feeding them a couple of years ago, when we … Continue reading Snow and ice


Here’s some snow around my garden pond to cheer you all up The frog and the cow are keeping guard though not showing the very high levels on the cowometer that we had during the Beast from the East in 2018. I had some vague plan to ‘do some gardening’ over the Christmas holidays but ice and snow have stopped me. On the other hand, the snow has covered up all the weeds and untidy stuff and it looks rather magical. Bella doesn’t agree I woke up far too early yesterday morning and went out into the moonlight to look … Continue reading Snow


It’s been a bit of a dreich week. Here’s a Wild and Wonderful Advent Calendar update to cheer us all through these December days: Day 7: I got out for quite a long walk into town (when it wasn’t too dreich) and heard a woodpecker in these trees. Day 8: out for a walk along the river which had been impressively flooded. It looks more worrying than it was in practice. The path goes alongside this, not through it, but it was pretty muddy and we were pleased to be wearing walking boots. Day 9: I didn’t get outside in … Continue reading Dreich