Sixty at Sixty

During 2022, to celebrate my sixtieth birthday, I aim to harvest sixty different vegetables, fruits, herbs or edible weeds and flowers from my garden and allotment! I’ll list them all here as I harvest them. If you’d like to support a cause close to my heart, you can sponsor me for my other sixtieth birthday challenge, which involves a lot of swimming. Information here

My, self-chosen, rules for my sixty at sixty is that I’ve harvested (and cooked or eaten) edible fruit, vegetables, herbs, flowers or weeds from the garden or allotment during 2022. I’ll list them all here, with photographs if at all possible, in order of harvesting.

What have I harvested in 2022?

21. Mixed salad leaves, garden May
20. Baby spinach, garden May
19. Radishes, garden, May
18. Chive flowers, garden, May
17. Orange mint, to add to iced water, garden May
16 Pea shoots, garden, April
12. Lovage, garden April
11. Garlic chives, garden, April
10. Tarragon, garden, March
9. Rhubarb, garden, March
8. More garden salad, this time with wild garlic, garden, March
7 – Garden salad – including lettuce, rocket, chives and rocket flowers, garden, February
6 – Overwintered rocket, garden January
5 – Brussels Sprouts, garden, January
4 – Purple sprouting broccoli, Allotment, January
3 – Leeks, Allotment, January
2 – Rainbow chard, garden, January
1 – Lettuce ‘Cocarde’, garden, January