Sixty at Sixty

During 2022, to celebrate my sixtieth birthday, I aimed to harvest sixty different vegetables, fruits, herbs or edible weeds and flowers from my garden and allotment! I’ve listed them all here as I harvested them. In another sixtieth birthday challenge, I’m raising funds for Alzheimer’s Scotland. In that challenge I’m doing a lot of swimming (you can read all about that here). If you’re impressed by my sixty fruits and vegetables, you can contribute to my justgiving page here.

My rules for my sixty at sixty were that I harvested edible fruit, vegetables, herbs, flowers or weeds from the garden or allotment during 2022. I’ve listed them all here, with photographs in order of harvesting.

What have I harvested in 2022?

69. Tomato ‘golden sunrise’, garden (ripened inside), November
68. Tomato ‘Shirley’, garden (ripened inside), November
67. Tomato, ‘cherry red’ , garden, October
66. Rosemary, garden, October
65. Pear, garden, October
64. Cucumber ‘Crystal Lemon’ (disappointingly grape sized single fruit!), garden, October
63. Garlic chive flowers, garden, September
62. Apple, ‘Sunset’ garden, September
61. Squash, allotment, September
60. ! Apples, ‘Howgate wonder’, garden, September
59. Chilli ‘Hungarian hot wax’ garden, September
58. Green pepper, garden, September
57. Watercress, garden pond, September
56. Marrow (secateurs for scale), garden, September
55. Tomato ‘Indigo Blue Berry’, garden, September
54. Tomatoes San Marzano, allotment, September
53. Tomato Costuluto Fiorentino, garden, August

52. Runner beans, allotment, August
51. Plums ‘Victoria’, Garden August
50. Tomato ‘Tigerella’, garden August
49. Japanese wineberries (and ice cream), allotment, August

48. Courgettes (and some friends), Allotment, August
47. Cucumber, garden, August
46. Lovage seeds, garden, August
45. Climbing French beans ‘Vitalis’, Garden, August
44. Purple podded peas ‘Blauschocker’, garden, August
43. Autumn fruiting raspberries, garden, July
42. Blackcurrants, garden and allotment, July
41. Sprouted mung beans, house, July
40. New potatoes, Allotment, July
39. Peas, ‘Salmon Pink’, garden, July
38. Crimson flowered broad beans, garden, July
37. Parsley, garden, July
36. Nasturtium flowers, garden, July
35. Peas, garden, June
34. Mange tout peas, garden, June
33. Radish seed pods, garden, June
32. Lemon Verbena, garden, June
31. Summer fruiting raspberries, garden, June
30. Redcurrants, garden, June
29. Cherries, garden, June
28. Ginger mint, garden, June
27. Mustard greens, self-seeded, garden, June

26. Coriander, garden, June

25. Garden salad with broad beans , garden, June
24. Strawberries, allotment , June
23. Red onion, garden, June
22. Lettuce ‘wonder of four seasons ‘, garden, June
21. Mixed salad leaves, garden May
20. Baby spinach, garden May
19. Radishes, garden, May
18. Chive flowers, garden, May
17. Orange mint, to add to iced water, garden May
16 Pea shoots, garden, April
12. Lovage, garden April
11. Garlic chives, garden, April
10. Tarragon, garden, March
9. Rhubarb, garden, March
8. More garden salad, this time with wild garlic, garden, March
7 – Garden salad – including lettuce, rocket, chives and rocket flowers, garden, February
6 – Overwintered rocket, garden January
5 – Brussels Sprouts, garden, January
4 – Purple sprouting broccoli, Allotment, January
3 – Leeks, Allotment, January
2 – Rainbow chard, garden, January
1 – Lettuce ‘Cocarde’, garden, January