Goodbye broccoli

The purple sprouting broccoli has been rather good this year but I had tomatoes and courgettes queuing up for a place in the raised bed, so time for it to go. These lovely yellow flowers signalled its swan song.


Pity I couldn’t leave them to bloom all summer but we vegetable gardeners are ruthless. I’ve got next year’s crop started in the bed in front and so the cycle continues.

7 thoughts on “Goodbye broccoli

  1. Did you save some seed?

    Anyway, I’m amazed that your broccoli lasted so long. Am about to sow mine for next year – literally, just waiting for the compost to settle after watering it.

      1. I haven’t actually grown any for two years. I served up a floret with a caterpillar in it once, so have given my daughter chance to get over it.

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