Onions, daffodils and some garden DIY

So spring has finally arrived. I’ve spent the whole weekend in either the garden or the allotment and done lots of springly things.

I took my onions, which have been sprouting happily in their paper pots since January,

WP_20180415_11_56_26_Pro (1)

to their new home at the allotment

WP_20180415_13_31_46_Pro (1)I know, it looks a little forbidding. The wire fence is to keep the bunnies out.  We’ll see whether it works.

Back to my own garden and I made a new raised bed:

WP_20180415_19_05_59_ProMade from some floorboards which had been lurking under a plastic sheet in the garden for some years.  When I unearthed them I found a frog, two vine weevils and two hundred snails.  Some hours later, after the wielding of saws, a hand drill, a screwdriver and much swearing, the boards are now screwed together and will provide a new surround for a raised bed whose old boards had finally collapsed.

I also did some more tidying up of the area where the conifers were. I made a rustic bench out of two conifer stumps and an old shed door. I’ll admit that this is rather a temporary arrangement (there was much mocking from the other residents) but I’m thinking a seat might be quite nice here


I discovered that the conifers produced not only footballs and tennis balls, but also bike parts and swingball bats:


Who knows what I’ll find next, perhaps a hockey stick, a croquet set or an entire table tennis table.

Meanwhile I harvested some rhubarb, made rhubarb flapjack (recipe here) and the second wave of daffodils has appeared in the front garden. Spring is certainly here

WP_20180415_15_38_20_Pro (2)

6 thoughts on “Onions, daffodils and some garden DIY

  1. I missed your post about the conifers being chopped down – like the other commenters, I think their removal will bring much light and space to your garden (why I would love it is my neighbours would cut all theirs down).

    Anyway, it’s great that spring is finally on the way. I hope the bunnies stay off your crops.

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