Advent calendar week one – a lot of weather

Here is your weekly roundup of my #wildandwonderful advent calendar, where the theme has been mostly about weather.  The week started with more of the magical frost and I chose a frosted apple leaf to celebrate the 1st of December


The sun was shining on the shed behind and the ice particles were stunning. The frost melted the next day but a wander round the front garden led me to the sweetly scented viburnum:


The next day was neither cold nor wet and I paid a little visit to the allotment to tackle more of the endless couch grass. I was pleased to see the overwintering onions beginning to peek through: a real promise of next year’s harvest:


I managed quite a long walk on the next day and was delighted to see a heron take flight from a field. I didn’t get a photo but offer you instead holly and ivy growing festively together under some trees


On the 5th I made myself go out in a howling wind for a walk at lunch time and enjoyed autumn leaves churning around in the wind 20191205_125216.jpg

Rain again on the 6th but I spotted raindrops on roses in the front garden, setting a Sound of Music earworm for the rest of the day.


Today I walked through the town to the farmers’ market to stock up on packaging-free organic vegetables. I try to find walking routes that avoid traffic but there is one horrible road that I can’t avoid. The thing to do there, I’ve discovered, is to walk slowly, stop under every tree and listen to the birds. This shuts off the sound of traffic for a few moments and reminds me what the drivers are missing. The birds were very lively today and I spotted bluetits, blackbirds and sparrows. They are all very urban birds but no less special for that. This photo show one of the trees and maybe there are birds up there but you can imagine them if you can’t see them:


So that’s the first week of my advent calendar for this year, summed up mainly by changeable weather and some tiny moments of wonder. Next week brings some travel, a family celebration and political angst. I’ll try to focus on what’s wild and wonderful.

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