Winners and losers

It was show day at the allotment today. This was my fourth show since taking a share in a plot in 2018 (no show in 2020) and every year we’ve won a few rosettes. This year I was less optimistic as most of our produce has either finished or is yet to come into its prime. However, the point of the show is taking part so I got down on my hands and knees to see what we had at the plot and what could be polished up a bit to enter. I managed eight entries in the end: apples, runner beans, French beans, onions, courgettes, annual flowers, plums and a vastly overblown flowering onion in the ‘monster veg’ category.

None of this really met the criteria of shapely and matching veg but there’s nothing to lose in putting an entry in. I was disappointed that I couldn’t enter our sweet peas, as you need twelve stalks of flowers and we only had six. We couldn’t enter any tomatoes as you needed to have six and we only had one ripe one – beautiful though it was.

Anyway, mainly through lack of very serious competition, we won second prize for our monster onion

The carrots in the top right of the photo won first prize.

We also won 2nd prize for our courgettes, even though they were far from matching:

A vase of mixed annual flowers won third prize. I was rather pleased about this as it had allowed me to sneak in the six, beautiful if insufficient, sweet peas. The vase also contained some of our impressive nasturtiums, some marigolds, California poppies and some rather impressive flowering broccoli.

Sadly nothing else won a prize but there were some very impressive entrants and winners from some of our fellow plotholders so it was all worth doing.

Meanwhile, we’re looking forward to incoming gluts of courgettes, runner beans, apples and tomatoes. The tomatoes really are looking rather promising: these are the tigerellas

San Marzano

Costuluto Fiorentino

Crossing everything that they don’t get blight, we should have a nice crop this year at the allotment.

2 thoughts on “Winners and losers

  1. It’s not the winning but the taking part that counts . . . or so they used to say to me when I burst into tears. I didn’t believe them then but I am more inclined to believe them now.

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