Late summer promise

It poured with rain in the night and I wandered round the garden this morning to see what was happening in the vegetable beds, accompanied by my furry assistant. I had a sense that the season was turning. The potatoes and soft fruit are nearly finished and I was beginning to worry if anything would take their place. A closer look showed the promise of late summer joys. So here’s what I found for today’s #SixOnSaturday.

First, in my runner bean bed, where the sweet peas have been blooming for a few weeks, the runner beans are beginning to form and broccoli is beginning to flower. This bed is a crazy mass of flowers and vegetables but it seems to work

Here’s close up of the baby beans:

2. The marrows have beautiful flowers and the beginnings of tiny monsters growing beneath their massive leaves:

3. Tiny tomatoes are appearing among all my tomato plants. The most mature are in the seed palace. These are giants, ‘Costuluto Fiorentino’, sown with more hope than expectation from a free packet of seeds from a gardening magazine. Although they are still tiny, they’re looking quite promising:

Meanwhile the Tigerallas and the San Marzano are beginning to form on the outdoor plants:

4. We’ve had a few cucumbers already but there are more coming soon:

5. We’ve been living on peas for weeks and there’s still plenty to come:

Here you can see the ‘Duke of Albany’ and ‘Prussian Blue’ still being very productive and some newly planted out Carouby de Maussane winding their way up their poles. Meanwhile these ‘Salmon Pink’ may not look very appetising but that’s because I’m letting these pods ripen to save seed to provide next year’s crop:

6. Finally, my pepper plants have been growing very slowly but I spied a tiny fruit appearing this morning, so there’s hope even for these:

The season may be beginning to turn but my little wander round the garden with Chelsea shows tremendous promise for late summer. For more about #SixonSaturday, see here

10 thoughts on “Late summer promise

  1. Optimism & crossed fingers are evidently successful, a chara, and if they’re crossed greenfingers that’s all the better.
    I love that you’ve got a mix of flowers in with the vegetables. I think I’ll put that on my list for next year.

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