If life gives you green tomatoes…

In this strange and yet familiar year, I have tons of tomatoes but they have blight. We had to give up on the allotment tomatoes, with only a handful of useable green San Marzanos- huge admittedly – but very few. In the garden I also have San Marzano, which seems to be resisting the blight a bit better:


and Costoluto Fiorentino

These giants were new to me this year, grown from a seed packet which came free with a gardening magazine. They’ve been amazing, with huge plants and prolific fruits. Yesterday I had to harvest most of them as the plants were beginning to get blight. Here’s what I got from just one plant:

I’ve left most of the Tigerellas and San Marzanos on the plants in the hope that they will ripen in the next week or so but these were destined for Green Tomato Marmalade – recipe here

I amended the recipe slightly as I didn’t have enough lemons. I added a couple of oranges instead, so the marmalade looks more, well, like marmalade:

There was a little bit left over as I ran out of jam jars, so we had some for breakfast this morning. It was good. Good things can come from the disappointment of the tomato blight and the onslaught of green tomatoes. As for the jam jar shortage it seems that old jam makers, such as my mother and step-mother-in-law, keep on keeping their jars even after they’ve stopped making jam themselves. Both were prolific jam makers until the irritations of old age got in the way. I’m off to see my mother now, in search of her jam jar stash, taking some jam and some roses from the garden in exchange:

Here we have nearly all my garden roses flowering just now: Benjamin Britten, Boule de Neige, Silver Wedding and Gertrude Jekyll, all posing in a pottery jug that my Dad made over fifty years ago.

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