Bursting with colour

I was taking photos in the garden for a couple of Twitter hashtags: #SixonSaturday and #GardensHour. I had far too many photos for these, so decided to upload them here instead. So, just to cheer you up in case you have the Monday blues, here is burst of colourful flowers, fruit and vegetables from my garden.

First of all here are some flowers in the rain

And here are some multi-coloured vegetables: rainbow chard, purple peas, nasturtium flowers, tomatoes beginning to ripen, plums, multi-coloured lettuces, broccoli, more almost ripe tomatoes

And finally, some glorious autumn berries. The rosehips and rowans are astonishing this year. I’ve been thinking about making some jelly. Watch this space:

10 thoughts on “Bursting with colour

  1. I love the close-up of the purple sprouting broccoli. You must have a good camera/macro lens.

    It’s always wonderful when the tomatoes start to ripen.

    1. Just a cheap phone camera and some patience as it’s often hard to focus 🙂 . Yes I love the tomatoes at this stage. Crossing fingers the blight stays away. It got all our allotment tomatoes

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