I like to leave my festive preparations as late as possible but I have my own little ways of celebrating a non-religious Advent. A light dusting of snow at the weekend has got me in the festive mood. So you’ll be delighted to know that the only things necessary for festivities in this household are now done.

Sprouts – which start as tiny seeds in the spring – are coming along nicely at the allotment.

Christmas pudding – complete with an apple from the garden – made and maturing nicely in time for Christmas Day.

First snow of the season – completely outwith my control – but it appeared festively on Sunday morning, giving me some inspiration for this year’s Advent Calendar:

That’s the front of the Garden Advent Calendar, completed on time. I’ve still got to decide what goes behind the windows and do some drawing – that’s this evening’s task. Better get on with it then. For instructions for how to make one see here

Other festive things: trees, gifts, cards, food, house cleaning etc, will no doubt happen but at least I’ve got the basics done now.

8 thoughts on “Preparations

  1. Nice sprouts. Mine were tiny when I last looked. Our allotment area is only easily available until 19th unless I want the hassle of unlocking and securing the premises myself, so that’s when I’ll be harvesting them for Christmas. Love the Advent calender – maybe you could paint humerous vegetables in each window 🙂

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