Twenty- six vegetables

We’ve been wondering about doing something to support the #2.6challenge with various ideas about 26 thises and 2.6 thats to raise money for struggling charities. ‘I bet I’ve got 26 different vegetables growing in the garden right now’, I boasted. Reader, I do (if you include fruit). I pondered the best way to list them and decided on alphabetical order.

1. Apples – Howgate Wonder – just coming into bud – for more about these beauties see here

2. Apples – Red Falstaff – flowers just opening

3. Apples – Sunset – in full bloom

4. Blackcurrants – tiny buds against bright green foliage

5. Broccoli – at the development stage but it will get there eventually

6. Broad beans – overwintered and in full flower

7. Cherries – blossom just coming out. The birds usually get the fruit before we do but they’re lovely at this time of year

8. Cucumbers – coming on nicely in pots in on a sunny windowsill. These are the lovely yellow ‘Chrystal Apple’ cucumbers. For some reason the green ones didn’t germinate but these should be sufficient

9. Lettuce – lots of baby seedlings holding out bravely against the snails

10. Onions – overwintered and beginning to look rather impressive

11. Oriental salad greens – overwintered under a cloche and coming along nicely now, but very very spicy (and some more baby lettuces)

12. Peas – I’ve told you about these before and there are several varieties but here are the Salmon Pinks again, for your delight (with another photobombing lettuce)

13. Peppers – also at a rather early stage of development – but I am hopeful that they will reach maturity and will make their way to a son’s sunny student flat if we are ever allowed to see each other again

14. Potatoes – just peeking through the cardboard on the raised bed, somewhat at risk of being squashed by sunbathing cats, but likely to survive (photobombed by some random weeds and eggshells)

15. Plums – now past their glorious blossom but beginning to form tiny fruits

16. Radishes – self-seeded from last year gone to seed monsters – and you never know, they may even produce some radishes

17. Raspberries – 2 varieties, summer and autumn – these are the summer ones, just beginning to flower

18. Redcurrants – also just in flower now

19. Rhubarb – coming into its own and already providing several breakfasts, puddings and cakes

20. Rocket – last year’s but still going strong – makes great pesto

21. Spinach – one big plant and some laggard seedlings

22. Sprouts – getting ready for Christmas

23. Strawberries – looking a bit unhappy in the recent drought but they should revive

24. Swiss chard – going strong since last summer and still providing us with some colourful curries

25. Tomatoes (three varieties) growing slowly on a windowsill

26. Watercress – taking over the pond and providing hiding places for newts and frogs

So, there you go, 26 different fruits and vegetables, all doing something in my garden (or windowsill) today, all probably going to provide us with something to eat over the next few months, some ready today and some waiting for Christmas. I could also have included herbs and some edible weeds (nettles and wild garlic). More to the point though, all these beauties bring me joy just because they grow in my garden. There’s also more on the allotment but I’m not getting along there so much just now. I don’t really do fundraising but if you’ve enjoyed this post and would like to contribute something to the 2.6 challenge, you can donate here . I’ll be making a donation myself. Many charities have lost out on fundraising this year and their work is needed more than ever.

3 thoughts on “Twenty- six vegetables

  1. Thanks for this reminder that charities still need our funds. Goodness only knows what state the world is going to be in because of this virus.

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